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In order to try and reap a little extra income to help support this site I have enrolled in a number of affiliate schemes which allow me to provide you links to products and services which I think you may find useful. If you follow the link to a particular product from this site and make a purchase then I will receive a small commission - not a lot, but maybe enough to help fund the cost of maintaining and developing this site.

All of the products which you will find in the "Personally Recommended" section are just that - they are products and services which I own or use myself, and I am happy to help their original creators by promoting their products on this site. If they work for me, I hope they'll work for you too.

The links which you will find just under the menu bar (unless you're using an ad blocker!) are served up by Google AdSense. I have very limited control over these ads but I've made them as unobtrusive as possible. They're just text links which take you to a page of ads which are related to whatever the link says, which should be fairly relevant to the content of this site or otherwise of interest to you. These Google links are perfectly safe to click.

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In Memory of Paul Tate

Paul Tate

Paul was the creator of us2uk.eu, he sadly passed away far too early leaving a massive hole in our lives.

I will continue to host this site and keep it running in his memory, he would be thrilled to know so many people use it.

Rest in Peace my Friend.

Jayce, Jaycom IT

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