About the "Briticiser"

The "Briticiser" converts the spelling in a block of text from US English to British English. It was originally written for the personal use of the author, who is a part-time copy-editor. Finding it to be one of the more useful scripts he's written he decided to let others try it out by adding it to his own web site, where it attracted a small but appreciative following. In 2010 the converter was given its own domain name where it is maintained and updated by the author, who continues to use it frequently.

While this is a free resource the author hopes that users will help to improve and maintain the Briticiser by contributing suggestions and through donations for his son, Georgi, who has a brain injury and is unable to walk on his own, or speak more than a few rudimentary "vowel-laden" words.

If you find this tool useful, please consider making a kind donation to help to look after Georgi, our little boy. Georgi fell into a coma in the summer of 2007 and suffered significant brain damage, after contracting encephalitis. Although he survived, is now bright and alert, understands three languages, can use a computer, and could probably make a decent attempt at milking a cow, his motor skills are very poor so he can't talk very much and can't stand on his own two feet (yet!). He's getting bigger now and he needs 24/7 care from two adults, which means that our social life is shot to pieces and making ends meet can sometimes be quite difficult. Unfortunately we live in a country with a nearly non-existent social services system, so all we get to look after him is about $30 a month, which just about covers the cost of a physiotherapist for a couple of visits. We're grateful for any assistance we can get to help us through these difficult times. Thanks!

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In Memory of Paul Tate

Paul Tate

Paul was the creator of us2uk.eu, he sadly passed away far too early leaving a massive hole in our lives.

I will continue to host this site and keep it running in his memory, he would be thrilled to know so many people use it.

Rest in Peace my Friend.

Jayce, Jaycom IT

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